Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)

What is HIP?

HIP puts money back on your EBT card* when you use SNAP to buy healthy, local fruits and vegetables from HIP vendors.

*up to a monthly cap of $40, $60, or $80

Do I need to sign up for HIP?

There is no special sign-up for HIP. If you live in Massachusetts and get SNAP benefits, you are automatically able to participate in HIP.

What do I need to know before using HIP?

  • Make sure there are SNAP benefits left on your EBT card. If you have a balance of zero, you will not be able to use HIP until you have SNAP benefits available again.
  • HIP puts the SNAP dollars you spend on HIP produce back on your EBT card instantly. Once the money is on your EBT card, you can spend it at any SNAP retailer.
  • HIP is only available at certain vendors.
  • Each type of vendor may process HIP differently.

Where can I use HIP?

You can earn HIP incentives at participating:

  • Farmers’ markets (where some or all vendors may participate in HIP)
  • Farm stands
  • Mobile markets
  • Community supported agriculture (CSA) farm share programs

Traditional grocery and convenience stores do not participate in HIP.

How can I find a HIP vendor near me?

Find vendors that participate in HIP near you through the DTA finder.

You can search by month, day of week open, or “open today”. You can also search by city, county or device geolocation (“my location”). You will be able to see what order options vendors have, including availability of curbside pickup and delivery.

DTA HIP Finder