Summer Eats: Join the Summer of Yum

If you need help finding Summer Meals programs near you, visit Project Bread’s Summer Eats page. There, you’ll find a searchable database of programs and sites that are participating in the Summer Eats program.

Summer Eats is a totally free-of-charge program that provides free meals to all kids and teens, ages 18 and under, at locations all across Massachusetts during the summer months.

How to Use the Site Finder

The database includes filters and features to make it easier for you to find sites that are best for you and your family. Here’s how to get the most from the Summer Eats Site Finder.

  1. Enter your address or zip code into the text search box. Alternatively, click the compass beside the text box to allow Project Bread to determine your location.
A screenshot of the Summer Eats Site Finder with a red rectangle around the address entry bar.

2. Use the Down arrow to set the maximum distance you can travel to a meal site. The lowest distance you can set is 10 miles. When your search results come up, they’ll come up in order of distance from your location.

Screenshot of Summer Meals Site Finger with a red rectangle around the Distance filter.

3. Click the Down arrow beside Filters to open the list of filters you can apply to your search.

Screenshot of Summer Meals finder with a red rectangle around the Filters selector.

4. Select the filters that apply to your query. They list the kinds of meals available at those sites. When you’re done, click Apply to run your search.

A screenshot of the Summer Meals Site Finder with the Filters box expanded. There is a red rectangle around two checked options, and a second red rectangle around the Apply button at the bottom of the list.

The Site Finder will return a list of all Summer Meals sites within the distance you specified. Each result will include the name, address, and telephone number of the program, the sponsoring organization and contact information, followed by the start and end dates of the program, and the meals that are served, and the days and times that meals will be served at that site. If you scroll down, you’ll also see how far away the site is from your location. Scroll down through the results to find the sites that work best for you and your family.

A screenshot from the Summer Meals Site Finder showing a single search result with all the details.