A Project to Map Food Resources and Identify Gaps In Food Access in Worcester

Worcester Community Food Assessment

What Is the Community Food Assessment?

The Community Food Assessment is a project of the Center on Food Equity. It will help identify food resources, gaps, and opportunities to improve equitable food access in the city of Worcester. When it’s complete, the data collected in the CFA will help inform our recommendations for food policy, projects, and programs that will help improve access to food for all of our residents. The data we collect will be available to public, private, and nonprofit entities who are working to improve food security in Worcester.

How It Works

Over the past few months, we have developed a survey to help determine how and where people in Worcester get their food, what their experience is like, what barriers they face in accessing food that is culturally appropriate, healthy, and affordable for themselves and their families. We have trained navigators to deliver the survey and help analyze the data. We have identified community organizations and partners that serve a wide range of people in our city, with the goal of collecting data from as many demographic groups as possible in order to accurately capture the current state of food security and access in Worcester.

Over the next few months, our Navigators will be delivering the CFA survey in various settings around the city, both individually and in community conversations and focus groups.

Our Survey Is Now Closed!

Bookmark this page to read our Community Food Assessment report as soon as it’s available.

Please Join Us for an Important Conversation

Addressing Hunger Through Data and Research:
Launching the Worcester Community Food Assessment

Date: May 19, 2023 9:00 – 11:30 am

Place: 18 Chestnut St. Worcester, MA


For more info contact: centerfoodequity@gmail.com